Digital Product Quality Assurance Service Provider

We will help you be certain of your product's quality and robustness

Get your product fully tested and assured in 3 simple steps

Identifying Product

To understand the concept of your product

Executing Test

To test and locate the bugs in your product

Providing Report

To make a report and notify product owners

How StackedQA Helps You

Worry no more, with StackedQA your issues will be a story never told

Secure Business

Detect and fix the bugs before the product reach the end user.

Efficient Communication

Communication between our team and product team will be monitored for smooth integration.

Protect Reputation

A seamless working digital product means your brand is a good reliable brand.

Ensure Product Quality

100% quality assured product is the winning game to your end users.

Monitor Process

Investigation for the product bugs or defects happens before, during and after testing.

Satisfied End Users

High quality and high productivity product means happy customers.

Packages We Offer To You

Packages are set into types of testing needed for your product

White Box Package

Normal Price: USD1,200


  • Test Plan Creation
  • Test Case Development
  • User Interface Testing
  • Functional Testing

Black Box Package

Starts From


  • White Box Package
  • Performance Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Regression Testing

Grey Box Package

Starts From


  • Black Box Package
  • Automation Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Crowdsourcing Testing

Get StackedQA services with only 3 steps

We make it easy for you. Follow the 3 steps below to get StackedQA services.


For you to know us and for us to know your product.


Strategize on how to execute the testing on your product.


For StackedQA to start execution and deliver the testing report.


Why StackedQA

We do not only offer our services but we also provide the knowledge on how we can provide you with a high quality product.


Read what our previous clients have to say about our services and our way of working

With StackedQA my website got tested and helped improve the quality of my website which provided me with more customers

Khairul Fikri


After my website and services got tested, I have never been more certain of my website in terms of its user interface and functionality.

Muhammad Iqbal


After getting my whole website developed it was reassuring to get it tested by StackedQA to finalize and get a good quality from it.

Amir Azahar